Eternal Pulse – Magnetic Speed (Speed Trance)

Eternal Pulse – Magnetic Speed

Speed Trance, Melodic Hi-Tech (2017)

Energetic melodies and speedy beats, that’s the mixture of „Magnetic Speed“. Both songs were created in 2015 by Marcel Levermann, but never made it public. 2017 they got remastered to become available to everybody in need for fast soaring Trance and Dance. If you’re down and looking for empowering and refreshing music – try these two enourmously energizing trance tracks.

The first song “Energetic Speed” has several Psy Trance attributes to it, however it is more suitable to a Dance environment that typical psychedelic setting. He’s got that powerful moments that make you forget everything on the dancefloor and just go wild.

„Magnetic Speed“ is an even faster one. There are some High Tech and Progressive attributes to it. But it is still very melodic and quite uplifting. The refrain is that exhilarating, it excels the euphoria of most Dance tracks. If this is not vitalising music, then what is it?