Eternal Pulse - Within Melodic psychedelic trance


Eternal Pulse – Within

Melodic psychedelic trance

Release: 12.04.2020

Melodic psychedelic trance for your morning gymnastique, ecstatic dance experience or underground cave rave. This EP is a must-listen for everyone who loves trance based on catchy melodies. Both tracks captivate with the unique musical fingerprint of Marcel Levermann. ‘Within’ features speech samples of Neville Goddard and highlights his core teaching musically. ‘Orbital expansion’ pumps powerful melodies and psychedelic grooves into the deepest corners of your mitochondrias.

Regarding the speech samples: Goddard’s focus lies on the consequence of non-duality for the human being as the creator of his reality through felt imagination. Although Goddard’s style of speech is excellent and his insightful writings are very pleasant to read, he is currently even denied a Wikipedia entry. However, there is an independent Wiki of Neville Goddard with many lectures: