The medicalisation of psychedelics

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  1. Avatar Julia Rotunno says:

    Did Adyashanti ever say anything about psychedelics in particular?

  2. Avatar Juliano says:

    I think your use of language is a bit flowery, but I agree with a lot of what you say. After all I did search ‘the medicalization of psychedelics’ at Duckduckgo and found your article. I am VERY aware of the mental illness myth and how it is the central cosial controlling myth of our mechanistic times, and I am hearing these psychedelic therapists use the cultist mental illness lingo it disturbs me. You hear people like Dr Robin Carhart Harris go on how psychedelics can help ‘treat’ ‘treat-resistant depression’ with NO mention at all that there is no medical science to even support that ‘depression’ is a ‘chemical imbalance’. Anyone who does feel depressed reading this, please understand I am not saying these psychological or bodymind states are a myth, but the so-called diagnoses of them being biologically-caused is the myth. it is FAR more complex than that and involves the whole oppressive system we are in, usually born into, and its power mongers what it to remain invisible and beyond critique and change and so blame its victims for the dis-ease it causes!
    You can see the very same games being played in ancient history which I have found, being very interested in comparative mythology, because this prohibition against psychedelics didn’t just start in the 1960s but right from the beginnings of the patriarchy. it boils down to the slave masters do not want their slaves having free access to psychedelics. Not only their use but even KNOWLEDGE of their existence!! This is why when magic mushrooms were ‘discovered’ in the late 1950s no one was even aware that magic mushrooms grew all around them!! So MY encouragement is OK let the therapists do what they do with their psychedelics taken from their big vault to ‘treat their clientrs’. But to question all that IF they keep it all confined to the mental illness myth, but ALSO I encourage the freedom for ALL people to pick psychedelics freely and ingest or not ingest whatever they freely choose!

    • Marcel Levermann Marcel Levermann says:

      Thanks for your input. Glad to read that my content can be found this way 🙂
      Regarding depression, I agree – I think there are multiple factors that can cause it. Depression seen biologically definitely is a kind of chemical imbalance. But the biological perspective is only one perspective and not the whole story. A chemical imbalance is not the cause of depression, rather its physical manifestation. A main cause for depression is in fact an inner or outer living context that is out of harmony. Some people are genetically prone to depression though. However when it comes to a cure, the main factor is detecting and sublating the “oppressive system” within ourselves.

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