5 informative Channels/Videos about UAPs/NHI that are worth watching

The subject of UFO/UAP/NHI (non-human intelligence) holds more potential for exploration than a superficial impression would suggest. Even a moderate study of the subject is not enough to provide an adequate overview. This is not only due to the fact that efforts have been made for decades to obfuscate the information situation and denigrate the topic in public. Even today, the public situation is diffuse: although extremely credible whistleblowers have gone public, the topic is not taken up by the mainstream media. At the same time, the factors behind the phenomenon cannot be reduced to a single denominator. There are multiple factors behind the phenomenon that cannot be put into one category. Each of these factors (such as interdimensionality, consciousness ontology, reverse engineering, intertemporality, ultraterrestriality, multiversality etc.) is outside of accessible information and therefore opaque.


Podcasts are a dime a dozen. But few can match Darren King’s high level of existential depth, mental flexibility, academically trained analytical quality and lack of sensationalism. He publishes three podcasts on his channel called Exoacademian that are well worth listening to.

051 - The Others in Our Midst

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan regularly manages to deliver highly intelligent articles without bias. The historian has been researching ufology for decades and has written several books that are well worth reading.

Consciousness and the Fabric of Reality | Richard Dolan Show w/Anthony Peake

Preston Dennet

For years, Preston Dennet has regularly shown that the cases of encounters between humans and NHI are countless. The cases presented on his channel are just the tip of the iceberg.

Saved by Aliens! Twelve Benevolent Encounters

All eyes on cinema

The channel All Eyes on Cinema offers the most comprehensive collection of historical videos. The documents there include gems of contemporary ufological history.

Children talk about witnessing the 1994 UFO landing at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Ilobrand von Ludwinger/Burkhard Heim

The best theoretical model of how interdimensional space travel works has so far been provided by physicist Burkhard Heim. Hardly anyone was as familiar with this model and as adept at communicating it as the astrophysicist Ilobrand von Ludwinger. The channel 6 Dimensions in color currently explains Burkhard Heim’s theory in digestible morsels.

Sechsdimensionale Raumfahrt: Der UFO-Antrieb der Zukunft - Illobrand von Ludwiger 2018

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