Eternal Pulse – Only Now Nondual synth wave groove rock trance spiritual psy chill

Eternal Pulse – Synchronicity Melodic Psy Trance  2022
Eternal Pulse – Within Melodic Psy Trance 2020
Eternal Pulse – Seraphic Stride Melodic Power Dance Groove 2019
Eternal Pulse – Imagined Reality Psy Chill, Slow Trance, Psychedelic Synthwave
Marcel Levermann – Opening
Of The Crystal Flower
Piano 2017
Eternal Pulse – Moving Spheres Electronic House, Electronica 2017
Marcel Levermann – The Ghosts
Behind Your Neck
Somber classical strings 2017
Eternal Pulse – Magnetic Speed Fast Melodic Trance 2015
Mangel – Mangel Black Metal, Black Gaze 2014
  Involution – Evolution of Thoughts Power Metal 2014