Mangel (Black Metal)


Melodic Black Metal


The tracks of the 4-track-EP came into being in the years 2010-2014. The EP was exclusively produced in a small student room and is exclusively released digital in cause for financial reasons.

Mangel should especially be interesting for listeners of bands like Wolves in the throne room, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Farsot, Woods of Desolation or Negator. Catchy guitar runs in combination with fast blasts form a rough, dark and at the same time musical unity, which is completed by desperately angry vocals. Like an ice palace in a sea of fog. Two of the tracks – Finstere Nacht and Wahllos – show one more time how much german language fits for genuine Black Metal. The english track A drift in desire is the most melodical one, you can most likely hear the Power Metal influence. But all in all the mood of Mangel for sure is gloomy as the intro of the same name proves.

The name Mangel stems back to the theorie of the philosophical psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. According to him every subject has an irreducible lack (german: Mangel), which is accompanied by an insatiable desire. With other words: As long as you desire out of the idea of lack, you will suffer.

Artwork: morbid choice,

Picture: S. Worm,

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