Verschlagwortet: Psychoanalysis


Another Earth: Forgiveness as a gravitational field

The earth in Another Earth attracts a supposed copy of its own while the motive for forgiveness is the gravitation of the film. Rhoda Williams caused as the protagonist a car accident with a fatal outcome, which ended a whole family life. John Burroughs, a former professor and family father, has been in a coma for a long time, and afterwards he is depressed and an alcoholic. After she served official punishment, Williams feels inwardly cold and derealized and lies herself in the ice-cold night to die. Her internal state is immediately reconciled with the contextual configuration of the plot....


Enemy: Explanation (analysis and interpretation)

Although Denis Villeneuves Enemy is strictly composed and each scene and sentence is semantically loaded on a deeper level, a rational, coherent interpretation of the film is hardly possible. For this he plays too much with the non-fulfillment of the spectator’s need for a complete solution. But most of the parts of this puzzle can be explained and combined into a meaningful picture.  Chris Stuckman has already worked the cornerstones of a plausible reading in his analysis. Enemy is about a man who is unfaithful to his wife, but returns to her with remorse. He has ambitions to become an...